Well, my scary thing today was foiled. I was going to buy, cook, and eat Swiss Chard for the first time. Frankly, this vegetable has always grossed me out. I’ve never tried it, only seen it. It looks harmless; quite pretty, in fact! It’s just the name… chard. Ick. But, a great recipe for Pizza Bianca on Epicurious had me excited.

Turns out, living in the rural midwest has some downfalls (even more than the clearly obvious one of location). Your local supermarket, as wonderful as it might be, may not carry more “exotic” fare… like yummy cheeses, wines from our favorite vineyards, free range organic chicken, or, alas, Swiss Chard.

I failed at intentionally doing something scary today. But, I felt like I needed to tell the world about my intentions so I could feel better! Remember what I wrote yesterday about silence and not justifying my actions? Well…