Via Tattered Cover, I just discovered this article from the Guardian UK– our friends the British have jumped on the banned book wagon!

A really great article, discussing some of the main arguments. I particularly like this quote by author Carolyn Mackler, author of The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things regarding her perspective on censorship as both a writer and a parent:

“I write about teenagers as they are, and my characters sometimes curse, and they hook up, and they confront their parents when they feel they are being wronged. This, I suppose, is upsetting to people who don’t want their child exposed to these things. While I sincerely doubt that my book will be someone’s only exposure to such content, I respect a parent’s wishes for their children. Their children, I emphasize. Not everyone else’s,” she said. “I am a parent. I closely follow the books that my son reads. If a book is scaring him, we talk about it. If a book doesn’t seem appropriate for him, I tuck it away and suggest he wait a few years. I have a good sense of what he’s ready for, what he’s wondering about. But do I know what is right for his friend or classmate? No way.”

I like that. I like the idea that reading is something that a parent and child do together, discussing and growing in ways that are beneficial to the reader and also to their relationship. I haven’t read The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, but I appreciate Mackler’s comments. Thoughts??