After recently reading Richard Foster’s chapters on solitude and silence in his classic The Celebration of Discipline, I decided to practice more moderation in speaking. I’m not very good at being quiet… like, at all. But I thought that, today, I should spend more time learning to control my tongue, and only speak when necessary.

I failed once, noticeably, in class when discussing my deep abhorrence for dress code policies.

Multiple times during today’s six-hours of class, I chose not to share when I wanted to, and tried to be more intentional about using my words to be uplifting… but I have to say, it was really hard for me. I was scared to be misunderstood, or that my silence indicated my agreement or lack of thought about a topic or question. I fight so hard to be understood, it seems, that I forget about making my words count.

And, I think, I’ve spent the past year and a half feeling like a good friend was someone that I could really talk to– I think, though, that as I think about the friends I have and the friends I love, what matters more is our ability to enjoy each other’s silence.